Vanishing Into The Distance Wall Art

Vanishing Into The Distance Wall Art

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When you look at this serene landscape and railroad that leads to eternity, it will seem inevitable to engage into some in-depth observation or retrospective contemplation. Painting is very realistically presenting all the details in landscape, grabbing observers attention with focused exposition of individual items such as pebbles between railroad tracks, shade cast toward railroad from nearby golden trees that seem like they are trembling on easy sunset breeze. Shades of sunset are in particularly dazzling way presented on the sky that is not just darkening blue, but there are also golden-orange hues of sun sliding behind the horizon that embraces both the sun and railroad. This work of art is hand painted on a gallery wrapped canvas and signed by the artist ensuring each piece has some subtle differences making it distinctly unique to each owner. 

36.42" x 65.4"





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