Oppulente Bed

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The Oppulente® collection is influenced by the divergent cultures of the three continents that make up the Mediterranean coastline. Spanish, Moorish and Italian origins converge to create an abundance of finely crafted details.

The Moors created some of the finest city plans in ancient history. The city of Cordoba for example, had running water, air conditioning, heating, and working lampposts that lit the streets at night, causing Cordoba to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities of its time. Italy has been the source of many of our modern pieces of architecture, whereas Spain is home to some of the greatest architectural sites in the world.

With these influences merging together in one collection, the Oppulente® collection has become a unique experience. Offered in warm Sienna Spice finish, this collection is sure to impress with its ornate metalwork, exquisite marble inlays and intricate carvings. Like the timeless treasures that inspired it, Oppulente® will bring home feelings of both tranquility and affluence. Also Available in King. Mattress & Boxspring Sold Separately.

Dresser 74"L x 21"W x 41"H

Mirror 50"L x 2"W x 50"H

Nightstand 37"L x 20"W x 33"H

Chest 49"L x 21"W x 32"H

Armoire 52"L x 24"W x 59"H

Bench 63"L x 22"W x 29"H

Lingerie Chest 24"L x 19"W x 76"W


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